Saturday, September 22, 2012

God Had Sent You With A Purpose (A Note to Everyone Who Had Left Something Good Into My Life)

Did you believe that whenever God sends someone to come into your life, He has a purpose? I do believe it. Yeah, that's true; and how about you? Do you believe it as well?

Whenever I looked back to the past then I do realize that everyone who has comes into my life has left something personal. Several had left something really worth to remind and special although sometimes it's just a small thing to remember or even at some points it's meaningless but at least there is something left.

I don't know why suddenly this day I really want to write this post. Yeaah, I want to write something about you although in reality I don't think that you even remembered that you had ever entered my life hehehe... But It's fine. It's just a short period of my life. Our togetherness had been took place only in a short time. But there is something really special that you had left it for me.

You always say that in life we should create something special, nailed it down, crafted it, make something huge so that in the future once you died everybody will always remember your name. Of course what we talked over here is about creating something positive and meaningful to others.

You had taught me is on how we should live our life until the fullest. Otherwise we won't be able to enjoy our life in joyful way. Live like you will live forever ever and after, like you won't be dead at all. Live your dream limitless. Whenever you have a dream you should make a picture of it, set up your mind set into it then create a pathway to seize it.

Last but not least, how far you had went away or run through, you must remember our life in this world is just temporary phase while our eternity future awaits (akhirat kampung kembali). As a moslem we must fulfill our responsibility to pray 5 times a day and complete it with sunnah worship. Our prophet Muhammad has left a message to us, If you want to be safe and get salvation then you should follow Al Quran and As Sunnah.

Lastly, I want to say Alhamdulillah and thank you to all of you who had left something worth in my life. May Alloh's blessing will always be with you. Baarokalloh....


lupita said...

semoga hbs baca ini tidak galau lagi *tlg digaris bawahi :D
dan sayup2 terdengar setan galau bersenandung "kegalauan ini semoga cepat berlalu du..du...du...."

dear you (dirinya)... thank you had left something worth in my life. saya percaya tdk ada yg kebetulan di dunia ini.terimakasih jalur kita pernah bersinggungan selama ini.....(berkaca2 bukan mata tp hidung alias ingus berlinang ahahahhahaha.......)

Nice mbakyuuu, thanks for sharing. now, i'm ready for war (lohhh.....)

Suryati Arifatul Laili said...

Selamat bertempur nduk....good luck! (hanya bisa mendukung dan mendoakan dari kejauhan)

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