Saturday, September 22, 2012

God Had Sent You With A Purpose (A Note to Everyone Who Had Left Something Good Into My Life)

Did you believe that whenever God sends someone to come into your life, He has a purpose? I do believe it. Yeah, that's true; and how about you? Do you believe it as well?

Whenever I looked back to the past then I do realize that everyone who has comes into my life has left something personal. Several had left something really worth to remind and special although sometimes it's just a small thing to remember or even at some points it's meaningless but at least there is something left.

I don't know why suddenly this day I really want to write this post. Yeaah, I want to write something about you although in reality I don't think that you even remembered that you had ever entered my life hehehe... But It's fine. It's just a short period of my life. Our togetherness had been took place only in a short time. But there is something really special that you had left it for me.

You always say that in life we should create something special, nailed it down, crafted it, make something huge so that in the future once you died everybody will always remember your name. Of course what we talked over here is about creating something positive and meaningful to others.

You had taught me is on how we should live our life until the fullest. Otherwise we won't be able to enjoy our life in joyful way. Live like you will live forever ever and after, like you won't be dead at all. Live your dream limitless. Whenever you have a dream you should make a picture of it, set up your mind set into it then create a pathway to seize it.

Last but not least, how far you had went away or run through, you must remember our life in this world is just temporary phase while our eternity future awaits (akhirat kampung kembali). As a moslem we must fulfill our responsibility to pray 5 times a day and complete it with sunnah worship. Our prophet Muhammad has left a message to us, If you want to be safe and get salvation then you should follow Al Quran and As Sunnah.

Lastly, I want to say Alhamdulillah and thank you to all of you who had left something worth in my life. May Alloh's blessing will always be with you. Baarokalloh....

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Over The Rainbow: My Adventure to Find Out The Rainbow Cake

I bet all of you had ever heard about "Rainbow Cake", a cake which has rainbow color, very attractive and looks so delicious. It has been several months I felt so curious about this kind of cake as I wasn't able to find it all around Lippo Karawaci. Sometimes this cake also became a tending topic among my office colleagues during lunch time.

Can you imagine guys, my curiosity had became untenable day by day. I felt like freaking lady whenever passed by a bakery store. I always looked through and try to find out whether they sell this "Rainbow Cake" or not. You might bet the answer. Yes, you're right guys!  
"Sorry we are not selling this kind of cake".
This always had been their answer. Yeaaaaah, it think my adventure is not going to be ended up soon unless I change the place where I should search.

Yesterday I went out to Jakarta to meet one of my close friend. I told her my curiosity regarding this "Rainbow Cake".
She just laughed and said, "Hay... common you live nearby Jakarta and had never ever tasted this cake while in reality it's easy to find everywhere"
"I knew it but did you know none over Lippo Karawaci!" I told her.
"Oh really??? How come???" She is surprised.
"Yeah, that's true!"
"Okay, then today we will find it for you"
"Yippiee, but please I want the best one."
"Yeah, I heard that in Union, Plaza Senayan, they had this cake and it's the best one."

Then we go to Plaza Senayan to search "Union Cafe" and expecting to get this cake there. Unfortunately once we arrived there, they said that they didn't make and sell it. Before leaving Union, we tried to look around and saw that this cafe is really full and crowded, seems that the cake and service is really good. I think that's the reason why this cafe is so famous and lots of people want to come over again and again but you should prove it by yourself as it was just my assumption, since I just stopped by and haven't tried anything there :))

After a few moment of sight seeing then we decided to search it at another bakery store or cafe. Then taraaaaaaaaa.... we found it at Eaton Bakery. Finally the famous rainbow cake already on my hand and I'm ready to try it.

I cut it down and let it entered my mouth, chewed it a few moment and tasted it. Hmmm.... You know guys Rainbow cake taste is delicious, but it is not as delicious as its name. For me, it's just a regular sponge cake with sugar icing (cream on it). But children will love it for sure, since its taste is sweet and you see it's so colorful and very attractive. Yeah, frankly speaking I prefer tiramisu cake :D

I also bought "Steamed Green Tea Bread" and they categorized this bread as healthy bread. As you know, usually healthy food is not delicious but this bread I really recommend it. Its texture is really smooth and melted in your tongue. It's delicious and also healthy. You should try it. This is it (Ups... sorry It's a little bit messy as I've eaten it a half LOL) :DDD

Yeah at least I've tried this "Rainbow Cake" and no more curiosity. My next objection is to find out "The Red Velvet Cake", they said it's even more delicious. Let's just figure out how is its taste! Maybe next week ;)
Have a nice weekend guys! :)